THE INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO (IDS) offers quality, designer-curated, finished and decorative products to their affiliated professional interiors designers, certified kitchen designers (CKD’s), decorators and/or their contracted clientele. Products within the studio reflect a variety of finished materials including: 

  • Fine Cabinetry for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Custom Built-ins
  • Decorative Cabinet Hardware
  • Stone, Metal & Wood Countertop Surfaces
  • Furnishings
  • Décor & Home Accessories
  • Table & Floor Lighting
  • Barware
  • Fine Bedding
  • Area Rugs
  • Wallpaper
  • Fixed Bathroom Accessories
  • Countertop Bathroom Accessories
  • Wall Art 
  • Unique Home Gifts 


Quality products have been curated to ensure that each client’s investment is respected. Working directly with the manufacturer enables affiliated IDS designers and decorators to offer products to their clients at the utmost competitive prices. 

Affiliated designers working with IDS all have decades of experience, unsurpassed reputations in the industry, and/or the highest accreditations within the design field. IDS affiliated designers and decorators must be educated, holding Interior Design Degrees and/or certifications within the design field. Anyone can refer to themselves as a “designer,” “decorator” or “design consultant,” but those who hold degrees and/or certifications and who are actively working in the field are the ones who should bring your design project(s) to fruition. IDS affiliated designers are not merely interested in just selling you products but are dedicated to the design process and facilitating what is right for each specific project and client. The IDS affiliated designers/decorators understand the art of the interior as well as the science behind it. 

More often than not consumers go into stores, showrooms or online sources who offer “complimentary design services.” Well, we all know that nothing in life is REALLY free. Typically, these “complementary services” are offered with intentions that you’ll purchase the products they sell. Compensation for the “free” design services is commonly added by high profit on product and/or compensations through heavy commissions from the product sale within that store/showroom. Simply put, their paychecks are usually driven by the sale of the product. There are many instances where the complimentary design consultant will specify and sell the client just about anything and everything to increase the total sale, regardless if it’s right for the client or their project. Why? Well, it’s simple; the consultant won’t take much of a paycheck home if he/she doesn’t sell or push the product. 

IDS’s philosophy is different. Throughout the 27+ years in the interior design/decoration field, owner/principal and interior designer/decorator, Christie Carpentieri, saw a void. She saw a gap and hole for potential clients to get lost in. There has been a need to not only provide clients with design expertise, but also to provide them with quality, unique products. At IDS, these products are under one roof, right at everyone’s fingertips without exorbitant markups. In an effort to remain transparent, retail pricing is marked, along with the percentage off on each item sold at IDS. Contracted clientele can purchase IDS products at reduced prices. This style of business helps ensure that quality, designer curated finished materials complete the project(s) at the best possible price points.

Basically, the IDS concept is simple: work with our affiliated designers and purchase our products at reduced prices. It’s a win-win concept as clients are guided through their project with professional and talented designers/decorators, with IDS offering price points unheard of through other retail platforms. On average, our clients will receive 20-50% off of manufacturers suggested retail pricing. An added perk is that you can see, feel and touch before purchasing. There is no second guessing  if the gray reads more blue or brown, if it’s white enough, or wonder whether the image on the computer screen is indicative of what the product looks like in the real. This eliminates unnecessary returns, exchanges, wasteful packaging, and ultimately SAVES you time. Time is the most valuable and precious thing in our lives. IDS will also price match products found on the big online platforms, provided they are truly the same materials and quality. 

Each item at IDS has been thoughtfully curated by our team of experienced designers. Crafted custom and semi-custom cabinetry, natural stone, quartz stone, metal and wood counter surfaces, a complete line of fine furniture cabinetry hardware (some just like jewelry), gorgeous furniture, an expansive line of quality wallpaper and fabrics, bathroom accessories, area rugs, fine bed linens, barware, decorative accessories, wall art, and unique home gifts are all showcased and available through IDS.